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Classhic is a collection of rugs that combines tradition with design. Inspired by our rich history. Based on patterns and high-end materials. Classhic aims to celebrate and integrate that which has been passed on through centuries.



01 — 06

Astrakan is a short-haired fur with a wide variety of hair structure, ranging from strong curly to flat curls and moiré types, forming natural patterns that we have translated into our designs. Recreating the sublime look of Astrakan fur.

Astrakan Mustard

Natural Nettle  —  Bamboo DD 03


Astrakan Shadow

Natural Nettle  —  Bamboo AJ 02


02 — 06

Bruges and lace have been inextricably linked to each other since time immemorial. Thousands of women’s and girls’ hands gave the Bruges lace world fame. For Classhic, we’ve reinvented lace in a beautiful range of delicate carpets.

Lace Copper

Nettle BL02  —  Bamboo DO 01


Lace Celeste

Nettle CB 02  —  Bamboo CA 05


03 — 06

This legendary tale originates from Bruges and tells the story about a beautiful girl called Serena. According to the legend, she’s the one who made the finest lace in the world. We have recreated this intricate feel of her lace into a unique range.

Serena Amber

Wool DO 03  —  Bamboo AE 09

Serena Nettle

Natural Nettle  —  Bleached Nettle



04 — 06

Inspired by the wonderful decorations found in the Alhambra palace, we reassembled and designed these ancient patterns together to become a unique piece. Merging heritage and present. Making them relevant ... once more.


Volo Umber

Natural Nettle  —  Bamboo AD 01


05 — 06

Abadra embraces natural elements and patterns. Inspired by the skin of the sea turtle it reflects the flow of the ocean. Standing out by it vibrant colors. Recalling the sea. Abadra surely is one of a kind.

Abadra Azure

Nettle CA 01  —  Bamboo CE 03  —  Bamboo CE 05


06 — 06

The Serengeti sets the stage for a great diversity of habitats. Creating a field of colors. This wilderness is know as one of the seven natural wonders of Africa. Serving as the perfect backdrop for an exquisite range of rugs.

Serengeti Stone

Wool  —  Bamboo


Serengeti Magma

Wool  —  Bamboo

Serengeti Sand

Wool  —  Bamboo

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